Welcome to Arroyo Grande Optometry, your hometown source for exceptional eyecare. We believe a visit to the eye doctor's office should be an enjoyable, informative, and stress-free experience.        
  Arroyo Grande Optometry was established by Central Coast native Dr. James Weitkamp, O.D. He is a graduate of Arroyo Grande High School and received his Bachelor's Degree in Integrative Biology from U.C. Berkeley before completed his Optometry training at the Southern California College of Optometry in 2006. After gaining experience at other clinics in the area, he opened Arroyo Grande Optometry in 2010 to realize his dream of practicing patient-centered optometry in his hometown. He has been extremely fortunate to find a staff of highly-qualified professionals who share his commitment to patient care and service.        
  Locals already know that Arroyo Grande Optometry is your hometown source for thorough eye exams and quality eyewear. But many are surprised to learn of the variety of services that Dr. Weitkamp provides as a primary eyecare doctor. As a therapuetic-certified optometrist, Dr. Weitkamp is an expert at diagnosing and managing diseases of the eye and visual system such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, corneal abrasions, allergic conjunctivitis, eyelid disorders and ocular infections. In our clinic, Dr. Weitkamp performs minor surgical procedures including corneal foreign body removal, irrigation of the lacrimal ducts, and punctal plug insertions for those suffering from chronic dry eyes.        
  He is also one of the few practitioners in this area that offers an orthoptic vision therapy program. Orthoptic vision therapy is a noninvasive method of increasing the strength and dexterity of ocular muscles as well as stimulating the visual cortex to improve outcomes for children and adults with strabismus (eye turns) and amblyopia (lazy eye).        
  Feel free discuss any questions or concerns you have about your eyes and vision including changes in your eyesight, headaches, floaters, family history, contact lenses or refractive surgery. As your hometown source for exceptional eyecare, we are here to help you make informed choices about your eye health.        
1118 E Grand Ave, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420